Yurou Elves

Race Profile: Yurou Elves

Yurou Elves are a unique case as while they are considered elves, they don’t call themselves elves. The original group of Yurou elves were exiled from Elven society 20 thousand years prior to the present. After the destruction of the Earth Sanctuary, those connected to the sanctuary were banished from elven society. As an additional punishment, they were forced to rebuild the sanctuary where they would have to guard it. The Earth Elves adopted the name Yurou, which in the elven language was a combination of two words Ruo and Uy. When translated, it is Shamed ones. For the next several months they lived a Nomadic lifestyle until an Orc Tribe came and taught them the ways of the land. They shared their food an shelters and taught them the basics of living off the land, growing food and hunting game.


Yurou Elves are shorter then there elven counterparts but stronger. They are bulkier and have more muscle mass which puts them on par with humans in term of size. There skin is darker also, more brown then anything else. While their hair remains the same, their ears have grown slightly longer. Also their eyes have also shifted to red.

Customs and Culture

The customs and culture of a Yurou Elf is a mix of Orc and Elf. While they still have some Elf pride, they have adopted Orc customs. Instead of Mages, they have Geomancers and Spirit Channellers. They don’t celebrate festivals with other elves however. Granted there are other elves who live in settlements along the orc border and they attend some of the festivals.

While Yurou Elves still have some xenophobia to other races, they have a deep and undying respect for the Orcs. So deep in this respect is that they accept half-breeds as part of their group. Regarding humans, they treat them with respect as do they with the Dwarves. However, everyone else they do not trust and will attack on site. Elves are arrested immediately and held in custody before being judged. Because of the bad history between the Yurou and Elves, Elves are almost always executed, though there have been the occasional not guilty verdict.

One ritual that has evolved within the Yurou culture is there meat eating. Originally, Elves ate only smoked meat as a travelling food, but now meat is a staple to the Yurou diet.

Another aspect they picked up on from the Orc’s was there dedication to the spirit world. The embraced the Magics that the Orc’s wield and abandoned there roots as Mages. With there proximity to the Earth Guardian, they do have greater control over the Earth Spirits.


Yurou Elves have only a few relics, the most important being the Earth Sanctuary Key. They also take care of the Spirit Tower that the Orc’s have given to them. While they don’t see it as a focal point, they see it more as a token of their friendship.

Metagame Statistics

Yuruo Racial Traits:

  • Yuruo Elves are Medium-sized creatures
  • Base land speed: 30 ft
  • +2 Dexterity, -2 Wisdom: The Yuruo are dextrous like their elven brethren, however they are not quite as learned as their elven counterparts
  • Yuruo Elves gain a +2 bonus on Diplomacy Checks when dealing with Orcs
  • +2 Bonus to Knowledge checks relating to the natural spirit world
  • +3 Listen and Search checks; elves have keen ears that enable them to pick up sounds other races might miss.
  • Automatic Languages: Common, Yuruo
  • Bonus Languages: Any, other than secret tongues (such as Druidic)

Yurou Elves

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