Race Profile: Orcs

Noble. Strong. Proud. Those three words are what define the Orc race. They are younger then Dwarves by 3000 years. By looking at them, one would expect them to be mindless brutes. But beneath that exterior is wisdom and intelligence. They are fiercely loyal to the land and worship the spirits. They do understand the pantheon of Ajyn and know it exists, but because of their connection to the spirits, they cannot access magic.


All orcs have dark green skin and black hair. There is no variation on that fact. Unlike the other races, they have more physical characteristics with Trolls then any other race. They have a narrow face and two small tusks forming on the bottom of their mouth. The tusks are present when born, making them more bone then a tooth. An Orc is only a little shorter then a human standing between 5’5 and 5’8. Despite their lack in height, they are built like a dwarf, being very stocky and has thick muscles. Woman lack those feature, but make up for it in other ways. A female Orc can still overpower a human Warrior.

Customs and Culture

Orcs are a proud warrior race. They do know that there were forces that created the world, but they choose not to trust those forces and instead they commune with the spirits of the land. You will find very few large Orc cities as they mostly live in small villages surrounding the larger city. Most orc settlements live on the plains though there are a few that live along the coast.

Each city and it’s surrounding lands are called tribes and are ruled by a Tribal Leader who represents the tribe at the Orc Council. The council is made up of 5 tribal leaders and are elected once every 10 years. All Orcs are allowed to participate in the vote as they wish to choose who would lead the race. Tribal chiefs are elected through a battle system. If the tribal chief falls in the fight, the winner is the new chief.

The orcs celebrate the seasons with festivals which unite all the tribes at once. There they play games, have competition, hunt and share stories. These festivals are a way to spread unity throughout the Orcs.

Orcs commune with the planet’s spirits and ask for there aid in battle. These spirits are what make Orc Geomancers and Spirit Channelers unique. Very few people can commune with the spirits and those who do become the Tribal Shaman, or they further there skills and become a Geomancer or Spirit Channeler.

To an Orc, honour is most important and those who dishonour themselves or others must either do a task to reclaim that honour or commit ritual suicide.


What is most sacred to Orcs are there Tribal banner. If one tribe desecrates another tribes banner, it is an insult and leads to fighting. Another relic to the Orcs are the Spirit Towers that stand in the middle of the settlement. It is around that area that a shaman holds their weekly rituals.

Metagame Statistics

Orc Racial Traits:

  • Orcs are Medium-sized creatures
  • Base land speed: 30 ft
  • +2 Strength, -2 Dexterity: Orcs are stronger than the other races, however they are not quite as agile.
  • Brightvision: Orcs gain a +2 bonus to Search and Perception checks in the daylight conditions, as their vision is better in light than most races.
  • Automatic Languages: Common, Orc
  • Bonus Languages: Any, other than secret tongues (such as Druidic)


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