Race Profile: Elves

Elves are the oldest race. They were first to appear on Ajyn more then 50 thousand years prior to the current age. The first Elf settlement was that of Haven in Lakolai Forest on the Terubal Continent. Haven is a unique place because they posess the key to the Forest Sanctuary, which itself guards the location and keys to the 4 Elemental Sanctuaries. Given their age and duties, Elves are closer to the Goddess Tresia then any of the other from the panthelon.


Elves are generally a long lived race, the oldest living up to 1000 years. They mature at a slower rate (1 year per human = 10 years for an elf). They have long pointed ears, with a females ears set pressed against the head and a males sticking out slightly more. Elves are taller then most races and much smaller in the body type, giving them a slender look. It is because of this that they are not good melee fighters and usually practice magic, or become Archers and Rangers though there are those who try and become Spell Warriors, utilizing their magic to augment their melee skill. The hair colour for elves also vary, from dark green to dark blue, to light purple, light red and even blonde. Those born with dark hair are considered an ill omen.

Customs and Culture

With their longevity and the fact that they are the oldest race, Elves are quite xenophobic in their dealings with the other mortal races. They have no love for the Yurou Elves, think the Orcs as superstitious brutes, and think that the dwarves are jewel obsessed creatures. The only race they seem to be close with are humans. However, if a human and a Elf are to be wed, the Elf is thrown out of society and any offspring as a result are rejected outright.

When an elf comes of age, they must choose a profession hat best suits the elf nation. Some join the Ranger Corp while other become mages and clerics. Some elves reject their xenophobic upbringing and try and make peace between the other races.

Elves live in large cities either deep in the forest, on the banks of a river or high in the mountains. There are a few settlements that settled on the plains, but that is due to the location of the Sky Sanctuary. There are very few elf farms or towns around as they grow their own food within the city borders. The cities of elves are a mix between all the different castes. It is not uncommon to see the Art and Pilophy district border beside the warrior disctrict. Elves are ruled by a council that governs all the elf lands. Their diet is vegetarian in nature.


The major relics of the Elves are the 4 Sanctuary keys that are hidden in the forest sanctuary. They are used to awaken the four elemental guardians from their slumber when the demons ready a major attack.

Metagame Statistics

Elven Racial Traits:

  • Elves are Medium-sized creatures
  • Base land speed: 30 ft
  • +2 Dexterity, -2 Strength: While Elves are nimble creatures, they are weaker than the other races.
  • Elves take a (negative modifier) penalty when wielding large weapons such as greatswords and giant maces. Staves are the only two-handed weapons Elves can properly utilize.
  • Weapon Proficiencies: Bows, One-handed swords, Staves. Elves of the Brawler class are also proficient with fighting gloves and gauntlets.
  • +3 Listen and Search checks; elves have keen ears that enable them to pick up sounds other races might miss.
  • Automatic Languages: Common, Elven
  • Bonus Languages: Any, other than secret tongues (such as Druidic)


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